Exhibition Review | Fi-Europe 2023 Europe Food Ingredients Exhibition

December 09, 2023

We meet again! How are you my friends ? 

I hope all relatives and friends will remember that the cold season is deep, so wear more clothes to avoid getting sick!

The world's largest gathering of food ingredients buyers and suppliers ---

FIE European Food Ingredients Exhibition also ushered in its opening amidst the first heavy snow in Germany in 2023! 

Pengyuan Kanghua also participated in this event. 

According to colleagues who arrived at the meeting, On their first day in Germany, what greeted them was a sky filled

with heavy snow and Christmas decorations all over the streets of Frankfurt

This sweet and warm atmosphere swept away the fatigue of people’s long-distance flight. 

In this romantic snow, my colleagues started This fruitful trip to an exotic exhibition!

Exhibition introduction: 

The European Food Ingredients Exhibition (Fi Europe) is hosted by INFORMA, 

the world's third largest convention and exhibition group company. 

It has been held in Europe since 1986 and has been held for 30 years. 

Gathering more than 26,000 professionals from more than 130 countries,FIE has become the most recognized top international trade event in the field of food ingredients.

It is the trinity of the world's largest food ingredient suppliers, food ingredient purchasers, 

and ingredient technology exporters. professional exhibition. 

From R&D to procurement, marketing, distribution to management and decision-making, 

FIE witnesses the entire product process for you. 

More than 80% of purchasing directors regard FiE as an annual event that must be attended.

Company profile: 

Pengyuan Kanghua is a high-tech enterprise in Qingdao and one of the earliest manufacturers of natural pigments in China.

 It is also a long-term partner of world-class multinational companies. 

The main products are as follows: E163, E162, E140, E141, E100 and various concentrated juices. 

Natural color are subdivided into purple sweet potato red, beet red, cabbage red, radish red, grape skin red, 

purple carrot pigment, perilla red, gardenia yellow/green/blue, turmeric, etc., 

which are mainly used in food, beverages, and cosmetics. In terms of health care products and daily chemical products, 

the products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

This FiE exhibition came to a successful conclusion. 

As a natural pigment production factory with 27 years of experience, 

Pengyuan Kanghua sincerely thanks all the new and old friends who visited the booth. 

We take seriously the requirements and opinions of every friend and provide high-quality services and products.

 Apply solutions to create more value for customers in food, beverages, daily chemicals, medical technology and other industries!

We look forward to seeing you again at FiE2024!


全球最大的食品配料买家和供应商聚会——FIE欧洲食品配料展也在2023年德国第一场大雪中迎来了开幕! 鹏远康华也参与了这场盛会,据与会同事说到达德国第一天,迎接他们的便是漫天鹅毛大雪配着法兰克福满街的圣诞装饰,这甜蜜温馨的氛围将人们长途飞行的疲惫一扫而光,就在这浪漫大雪中我的同事们开启了这收获满满的异国展会之旅!

展会简介: 欧洲食品配料展(Fi Europe)由全球第三大会展集团公司INFORMA主办,自1986年在欧洲举办,已经举办了30年。集聚了来自130多个国家的26,000多名专业人士,FIE已成为食品配料领域认知度最高的顶尖贸易国际盛会,是汇集国际最大的食品配料供应商、食品配料采购商、配料技术输出商三位一体的专业展会。从研发到采购、营销、分销以至管理与决策,FIE为您见证了产品的全线流程。80%以上的采购总监把FiE看作是必须参加的年度盛会。

企业简介:鹏远康华是青岛市高新技术企业,也是国内较早生产天然色素的厂家。也是界级跨国公司的长期合作伙伴。 要产品有以下几种:E163,E162,E140,E141,E100及各种浓缩汁。天然色素细分为紫甘薯红,甜菜红,甘红,萝卜红,葡萄皮红,紫胡萝卜色素,紫苏红,栀子黄/绿/蓝,姜黄等,主要用于食品、饮料、化妆品,保健品及日化制品等方面,产品出口至全球20多个国家和地区。

本次FiE展会圆满收官,作为27年的天然色素生产工厂, 鹏远康华诚心感谢所有莅临展位的新老朋友,我们认真对待每一位朋友提出的要求和意见,通过优质的服务和产品应用解决方案,为食品、饮料、日化用品、医疗科技等行业客户创造更多价值! 



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