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Spirulina blue



--------------Spirulina Blue -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

1.  Solubility

Powder can quickly dissolve in cold water or warm water, form a uniform transparent aqueous solution.

2.   PH Stability

Within PH5 ~ 8 this color of powder won’t  change. Because this product is a kind of pigment combined with protein pigment, so around PH4.2  will flocculation and precipitation phenomenon occur. If used in conjunction with milk or protein materials, the stability of the product can improve

3.   Heat Stability

Because it is pigment combined with protein, it is suggested to be cooled rapidly before heat or around 60 ℃ , however, in a high concentrated sugar solution thermal stability of the product is improved significantly.

4.   Light Stability

Light stability of the product performs a little bad , if used with sodium ascorbate as antioxidant, its light stability can significantly improve .

5.   Ethanol Stability

Can be soluble in 20% alcohol solution, but can’t be soluble in 100% alcohol

6.   Metal Ion Stability

The stability of the product is easily influenced by  3 valence metal ions, Fe, Al . metal block material can reduce its influence